17 January, 2021

Nkhani Mchitumbuka

Malawi News Updates

Classroom blocks

OSSEDI hands over classroom blocks and teachers’ houses

Organisation for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development Initiative (OSSEDI) with funding from Child Fund Korea on Monday handed over a classroom block of two classrooms and two teachers’ houses to Kadakatali Junior Primary School.

The two classrooms were furnished with desks and the organisation donated two teachers’ houses to Lundu Junior Primary School in Traditional Authority (TA) Kabudula in Lilongwe.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Head of Programmes for OSSEDI, Jimmy Kawaye said through its Community Integrated Sustainable Development Project (CISDP), they did a baseline survey to find the needs of the community focusing on child protection and education.

He said they noted a number of challenges that the community was facing and the ideas came from the community that they need school blocks and teachers houses.

“Our aim is to reduce school dropout rate among primary children and that is why we have constructed child friendly school blocks and teachers” houses,” Kawaye said adding that the idea behind the infrastructural development is to improve safety and attraction of the learning environment so that children are enticed to remain in school.

He said that they have done this in seven schools and 20 Villages and they believe that in the next five years, TA Kabudula would be transformed.

Director of Basic Education in the Ministry of Education, Gossam Mafuta commended OSSEDI for the initiative arguing that the organization has proved that it was possible to use low cost type of programming to come up with something tangible.

Newly constructed block

The Director said that there are a lot of gaps in schools and a lot of learners are learning under trees, which is not a good environment for them, so there is need to join hands in covering the gaps that the schools have so that the learners have a good learning environment.

Receiving the donation, Head Teacher for Kadakatali Junior Primary School, Richard Jolamu appreciated the donation saying the classroom blocks and teachers’ houses would help a lot in promoting quality education and promised that the school and the whole community, would take full responsibility in making sure that they are taking good care of the buildings.

The donation has been made with about K 18 million for the classroom block and about K 4 million for the teachers’ houses.