2 March, 2021

Nkhani Mchitumbuka

Malawi News Updates

Traffic lights in Mzuzu not working

Mzuzu City drivers complain of nonfunctional traffic lights

Mzuzu City drivers have complained over nonfunctional traffic lights which have taken some months describing the problem a threat to people’s lives.

Speaking in an interview, one of the drivers, Watson Mtekesa said besides being potential to causing accidents, absence of traffic lights delays road users causing traffic jam.

He said: “As drivers, we face a lot of problems. I am afraid we fail to give each other way to pass which may cause accidents.

He said road users such as pedestrians and bicycle tax operators also suffer as they are not given a chance to pass.

One of the taxi operators, Jack Magawa said the challenge is becoming unbearable and urged Mzuzu City Council to fix the problem.

However, Mzuzu City Council Public Relations Officer, McDonald Gondwe said the Council is in the process of reforming its functions saying some of the areas to consider are transportation, road infrastructure, street lights and traffic lights.

He said: “The absence of traffic lights really inconveniences road users both pedestrians and motorists because they don’t have proper guidance when the need for such control lights arises,” said Gondwe.

However, he was quick to say the council fixed the lights early this year but three weeks later they developed another fault.