23 September, 2020

Nkhani Mchitumbuka

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Effects of antibiotics

Effects of irrational use of antibiotics on our health

Kuipa komwa mankhwala a mu gulu la ma antibiotics mwachisawawa

Mvetsetsani izi

Antibiotics is a group of drugs which consists of medications to treat diseases caused by infections.These include antibacterials (drugs to treat bacterial infection e.g pneumonia), antifungals (e.g drugs to treat ring worms and antivirals (e.g drugs for HIV

Drugs to treat bacterial infections are the most common drugs which are being irrationally used by the public leading to a very serious public health concern in Malawi and at global levels.

Iam very sure most of us have taken Amoxicillin,flagyl (metronidazole),bactrim,doxycycline,ciprofloxacin,erythromycin,tetracycline,chloramphenicol and many more antibacterial drugs.

In the health tip for tetracycline contraindications,I highlited the fact that its now easy to get these medications on the market as some people have no public concerns at heart and can sell these medications without any questions for the sake of money which is a very sad situation.

Antibiotic resistance is when misuse of these antibiotics lead to dwindling effectiveness of these medications. (Mankhwala oti amagwira bwinobwino pa matenda amaleka kugwira ntchito.) The unfortunate thing is that as these medications are classified in groups and cross resistance can occur meaning that resistance to one drug in one group can lead to resistance of other medications in the same group including injectable antibiotics.

Antibiotic resistance isn’t just lip service,its really happening in our country and its time to address all the factors leading to this.We are at war because our generation and the generations to come are at risk of being in a dangerous situation where antibiotics will never work well leading to unnecessary deaths

Medical practitioners have a role to play but the public need to play their’s too.The message is:Do not self medicate with antibiotics.Do not take amoxicillin, bactrim, doxycycline or any other antibiotic without doctors recommendation.

Do not buy antibiotics on your own.Many of these conditions we suffer from do not need antibiotics.Not every cough needs amoxicillin or bactrim. Not every diarrhea episode needs flagyl. There are many drugs which help those conditions and most times samakhala ma infections.When an antibiotic is prescribed,do not share with a friend or keep for future use.Make sure you complete the course given to you.