2 March, 2021

Nkhani Mchitumbuka

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Chakera ask ministers to deliver

Chakwera ask ministers to deliver promises

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera has urged members of his cabinet to work hard in order to deliver on all the promises Malawians are waiting for.

He made the remarks Monday in Lilongwe when he officially opened the orientation workshop for ministers and deputy ministers at Bingu International Convention Centre, with the aim of equipping them with knowledge, skills and information to enable them discharge their duties effectively.

Chakwera said it has proven that there is a lot of rubble to clear in the government system, as such; there is need for the ministers to have skills and competencies in order to bring in the much sought transformation.

“As Members of the Cabinet, you have accepted this responsibility and have no choice but to execute it with excellence and humility.

“With the tools you will receive during this training, you will have the wherewithal to live up to the particular expertise, political experience and public expectations that first inspired my decision to appoint you as I did,” he said.

 The ministers are expected to be equipped with knowledge on government systems, processes and procedures which are expected to help them discharge their responsibilities in accordance with the law.

“As you go through this workshop, remember that you have been entrusted to embody the five pillars of my Hi-5 Agenda: Servant Leadership, Uniting Malawians, Prospering Together, Ending Corruption and the Rule of Law.

“Toward that end, you have my full support and confidence as well as the full support and confidence of Malawians, if you can keep it,” he said.

Some of the topics to be tacked include ministers and deputy ministers’ public conduct and ethics, administrative law in Malawi, public finance management, public procurement, disposal of assets and national development agenda amongst others.